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            The reception room

Unlike many accommodations claiming to have large capacity, we have a main room that can accommodate 45 guests. The room features a century-old framework with reused beams, carefully preserved during the renovation to protect the soul of the house.

While our approach was to maintain the original appearance of the property, we have incorporated the latest amenities, such as underfloor heating, energy-efficient electrical installations, and hot water production systems.

You can relax comfortably on the large sofas while watching your favorite TV programs on the big flat-screen with a home cinema setup. The kids can enjoy their favorite games on the WII console, and there's complimentary WIFI access available.

Don't forget about the mezzanine overlooking the main room, with a cozy corner where players can gather for a card game at the large table and children can engage in studying or other activities.

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Découvrez aussi la mezzanine surplombant la salle pour les joueurs ou la détente

Large reception room for 45 people
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