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  • Can we rent the property for self-catering?
    We offer several rental options, including self-catering. With self-catering, you will have the cottage entirely to yourselves and can enjoy it independently.
  • Is the cleaning service included in the price?
    The cleaning service is included in the price. We simply ask you to put things back in their place before your departure.
  • For weekend rentals, what are the check-in and check-out times?
    The check-in time is set from 4:00 PM, and check-out is at 6:00 PM at the end of the weekend.
  • Do you have the necessary equipment for cooking?
    We have all the necessary equipment, such as large dishes, pots, mandoline, salad spinner, raclette set, pressure cooker, serving dishes, etc.
  • What are the meal rates?
    You will find the rates in the 'Services' tab, under the section 'Catering.' You can download them there.
  • How long does it take to reach the nearest beaches?
    It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach Meschers or Saint-Georges-de-Didonne beaches.
  • How many people can the room accommodate?
    We can accommodate 45 people.
  • How many cars can be parked in the parking lot?
    You can park 15 cars in the closed parking and 5 cars in the open parking.
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